Yummy bars of handmade bubbly-ness. Made in the wonderful English Pennines, in small batches, using the finest ingredients.

Soaps are traditionally made by mixing oils and fats with an alkali. They react to make soap and glycerin. The soap cleans your skin, whilst the glycerin moisturises. If you've used mass produced bars which leave your skin itchy and dry, it is probably because the glycerin has been removed during manufacture. Artisan soaps are made the old fashioned way, with all of the lovely glycerin left in the bar.

Vegetable oils and butters are the main ingredients in the majority of our soaps. Olive oil for luxury... coconut oil for abundant bubbles... (sustainable) palm oil for creamy lather and a harder bar.

Old English soaps would be made with animal tallow, because it was plentiful and easier to source than olive oil. We therefore do a small range of soaps made with lard. If s soap contains animal products, they will be mentioned in the listing, and listed on the ingredients list.

New Products For November - Soaps

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